Saturday, May 26, 2012


So, I wrote this as a gift to Kaelyn Gsellman who was graduating from ES to MS in 2009. In June, 2012 she'll graduate from MS to HS. My, how time flies. 


By A. S. Moore

Kaelyn is a young girl with music in her heart.  It starts in the morning when she wakes up and doesn’t end until she goes to sleep at night.  And, if you happen to pass by her at night you can see her smiling and dancing in her sleep.  She has so much music in her heart that her hair dances on her head in bouncy red ringlets.  The freckles on her face are really notes to a song.

One day Kaelyn had so much music dancing in her blood she couldn’t help it anymore.  She started to dance.  She wasn’t quite sure what she was doing, but she loved it just the same.  She danced through the house, swirling and jumping.  Her brother yelled, “Cut it out before you knock something over.”  Kaelyn sat down and stopped for a moment, but the rhythm of her heart was too inviting.

It started with toes tapping to the water as it dripped from the sink.  Then she began to knock her knees together on the downbeat.  Pretty soon she was swinging her head.  Her dancing hair followed the movement.

Now, her arms became jealous and they wanted to move.  Slowly Kaelyn began to move her torso side-to-side.  Sitting still was just impossible.  Her legs screamed to dance.  Her whole body begged to dance.

Suddenly like an explosion she burst from her seat and out into the bright sunshine.  She kicked and spun.  She twirled and jumped.  Giggling even sounded like music.  Jessica looked out of her window and LOL, rolling on the floor.  She couldn’t take it anymore.  Kaelyn made it look too much like fun, so Jessica jumped in right behind Kaelyn.

Brittany saw the two of them and decided she wasn’t going to be left out so she ran outside to join the party.  All three girls jumped and giggled and laughed.  They danced to music only Kaelyn knew the origins of.  But, they kept up just the same.

Carlee lived across street and she too refused to be left out.  She looked both ways before safely crossing the street and joined the trio.  “What are we doing?” Carlee effused.  “DANCING,”  Kaelyn replied.

Kaelyn danced for so long she didn’t realize there were ten girls that encircled her.  They were giggling and laughing and jumping and twirling, until they all fell down on the grass in a huge mass of tangled arms, legs and chuckles in front of Skahill’s house.

Kaelyn was so tired that she no longer heard the music, but the rhythm in her heart kept time anyway.  In the middle of all the giggles the young ladies one by one dusted themselves off and began to leave the pile.  Bouncing a little lighter and smiling a little brighter, they each turned, went their own way, inspired someday to dance again.

Happy graduation Kaelyn – June 19, 2009