Friday, April 26, 2013

Google+ Hangout for Video Conferencing

           For the purpose of providing yet another voice in the "pro" corner for Google+, I'm sharing this link of a Hangout video conference because I think it perfectly demonstrates the best use of technology, at this moment, for business; as an aside, I learned about the business of comedy. Financial rewards from Google have NOT been offered to me; I simply love Google+ and its by-product Hangout.

          Sometimes, I think, people are understandably wary of what they don't understand. I know I am.  Hopefully, this recorded Hangout gives additional decision-making information about whether or not to join Google+.  I'm investigating Google+ Hangout because I rarely use Skype, anymore, and word on the virtual street is that FB is dead. My heart sank a little when I first heard that sentence uttered. Now that I've heard it echoed three times, exponentially, I'm hoping for the best, yet preparing for the worst. I'm sure that person on MySpace never saw it coming, either.

          But, I'm not ready to get off of FB.  It is just too easy to connect with family all over the country. They'll have to pry FB from the clutches of my cold dead keyboard, first. Skype, I can take it or leave because I also use Google Voice, another great by-product of Google+, however Google Voice came first.  In the meantime, however, I now have an Instragram account. It really pisses off my teenagers when I tell them that. As I write, they are scrambling to find another app that their parents/grandparents know nothing about. But, I digress.

          For business, I highly recommend LinkedIN for networking and Google+ for functionalities like Voice, Drive -- where you can retrieve and create documents -- and their Hangout feature for video conferencing with multiple users.  Operationally, the Google+ Hangout works more efficiently than Skype and it is still free.   For that price, I am willing to view ads from Google sponsors. Not sure how Hangout works for folks overseas, though.  I'd like to hear from someone who may have tried to connect to users in other countries besides the US and Canada. Until then, I am a cheer leader for Google+ Hangout as a video conferencing tool. You should take it out for a spin.

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